We welcome anyone...a business/organization, individuals, families or groups -- We will schedule a time that works for you.

The plunge will make it on our website so all your friends can see. After, Chucky will warm you up with his healthy Turkey Chili and T-Shirts. So...GET BRAVE, GET MOTIVATED & GET TO THE BEACH!

Also, schedule a Presentation at your school/organization. Thanks and see you at the Beach!


We want to thank all of our supporters for taking the time to vote for us during 'The Provident Bank--Cast Your Vote' Event for the month of June.
We received a substantial amount to help us with our daily quest to help others--Thank You All For Helping Us Help Others!--We could not do this without you.
We truly appreciate all your support!! AND A Great Big Thank You To The Provident Bank For Believing In Chuckys Fight Always! SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!!

Chucky Speaks At Exeter High School And Makes An Impact!

Exeter High School Principal's Blog
A blog by Exeter High School Principal (NH), Sean Kiley

Monday, December 9, 2013Chucky's Fight
Today, students from Health Education classes gathered in the Multi-Purpose Room at Exeter High School to hear an authentic message that may be one of the most important they ever hear during their four years of high school. A personal and compelling journey of struggle and resilience around substance abuse from Mr. Chuck Rosa, called Chucky's Fight, is a program that he has formed to educate at-risk populations on addiction and help others to take that first step toward recovery. It is an annual event at EHS, one that includes presentations throughout the school day that are clearly having a lasting effect on our Blue Hawks. One student stated, "His story is so inspiring...I cannot believe how mentally tough this guy is - this has honestly been one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard."


Here is ths first dip of the cold season, and it was near freezing temps as The Hampton Rotary Club support Chuckys Fight by jumping in the cold ocean on this early October morning, Check this out!


Chucky's Dip With Portsmouth Middle Schools "Dream Team"

Check out this great video by Deb Cram showing what Chucky does......Looks like fun, doesn't it?



Thank You All For The Votes!

We want to take a minute to thank everyone for helping us once again this year on our Community E-Vote with Provident Bank. We received a substantial check at the reception on Tuesday afternoon and are pleased with the impact of everyones votes. Like we've said before...We could not do what we do without your help and we truly appreciate it:)

Thank You All For Your Support--See you at the beach!!

Great Article By Eric Simpson Shows The Impact Chuckys Fight Is Making!

SPORTS…The Human Side and It’s Impact

By Eric Simpson on April 16, 2013

As I write my first article for the UTSN, I thought long and hard about what should be that first topic written as my introduction to the masses of loyal followers in this 100 million dollar generation of Athletes. Often times in past articles, I have been accused of being a “Hallmark Card” and I should look more to write stories about controversy, and ripping sports personalities lives to pieces. Yeah! Yeah!, Noooooooo!!!

I have spent a lifetime involved in one professional sport or another, and have been fortunate enough to have witnessed and/or played with some of the greatest athletes in the world from the avenues of Soccer, Hockey, Martial Arts, amongst others. In researching and interviewing players for my first sports book “The Steps Along The Way” there was a common theme amongst all of the athletes and other interviewees, in that their childhood sports experiences were complete with family and/or friends out in the street, gym, pond, pool, etc…

Another Great Story On Charles' Rise To Championship!

This is an awesome story on Charles, so check out the following links. There is a Part 1 and a Part 2:

http://www.bjpenn.com/exclusive-alchemist-prospect-charles-rosa-overcome... http://www.bjpenn.com/exclusive-alchemist-prospect-charles-rosa-overcome...

A True Champ Giving Back To The Community

Read this article on Charles "Rapidinho" Rosa giving back and working with very brave children at "Project Sunshine". This will definetly bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye as you see how a true Champ rolls.


Charles Rosa's Pro Debut On His Birthday--August 24, 2012

Watch another win for "The Champ" at his professional debut in Fort Lauderdale, FL with Fight Time Promotions! Charles rocks his opponent, Hauley Tillman, winning with an armbar submission in the first round just under 2 minutes!!


"THE CHAMP" Charles Rosa Wins Another Title Belt At Rise Of A Warrior 6

Watch Charles' interview with Kenrick Thomas after winning another title (making that 6 title belts now) with a 2nd round armbar submission against Fernando Tovar bringing his record to 16-2........Now that's a true CHAMP!! Check this out:


And this: